Writing and journalism

This site has a whole page about my writing and journalistic activities.

The Jewish, Arab, and Muslim Alliance (JAMA)

I am the secretary and co-founder of the JAMA, an Oxford-based group bringing together these communities through cultural and social activities. We aim to build a positive alternative to the discourse of conflict. For more information about our approach, check out our article in the Jewish News.

Orgasms and anorgasmia

Anorgasmia is a medical condition in which it is difficult or impossible for a person to experience orgasm. This can be frustrating or upsetting, and can contribute to problems with self-esteem, confidence, and relationships, all of which can contribute to mental health issues. Additionally, anorgasmia is a very common side effect of mental health medication. Despite all this, there is very little sound scientific research on orgasm and anorgasmia and misinformation abounds. I have written about this for The Guardian and spoken about combining this interest with an interest in ancient and classical texts at a student conference.

The past

Finishing in 2015, I did a master's in maths and computer science. During this time I led a movement to include more discussion of ethics in science at my university, especially in the computer science department where I was based. I've also done internships at Micro Focus (a software company in Berkshire), Cambridge's Systems Biology Centre (a systems biology centre in Cambridge), and Genedata (a pharmaceutical software company in Basel, Switzerland).

Personal life & family

I have three wonderful siblings: a brilliant, beautiful, artistic sister three years younger than me; a loving and hilarious brother 12 years younger than me; and the cutest baby brother in the world, Oaty Biscuits (OTB), who was born in April 2015. They all live in London with my mum and her wife.

I grew up mostly in South East London!


A map with a bike path in the shape of the words 'I <3 labour'

Thank you to the kind reader who sent in this brilliant idea for a new cycle path that emphasises the benefits of labour rights and of separated cycle paths!