Should we have a state owned cloud computing provider?

I recently wrote an article for New Socialist on the possibility of a publicly owned cloud computing platform. Some of my reasons for suggesting this are:

  • It can democratise the infrastructure of the internet, taking it out of the hands of Amazon and Microsoft.
  • It can create opportunities for people to use this technology for their own purposes, or for educational purposes (for example), for free - enabling decentralised social networks and other internet services not driven so strongly by profit motives.
  • It's good to diversify. Too much of the internet currently depends on a handful of gigantic private American companies. What if one of them goes belly up?

The article also goes into some of the questions around reconciling nationally-owned public services with the inherently international nature of the internet.

To find out more, read the article!

Many thanks to Wendy Liu, economics editor at New Socialist, for her help with the article.